UH-13P Kit (Includes Hull, Hardware, Engine, and Drive kits)


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Includes the UH-13P Hull, Hardware, Engine and Drive component kits. See 13P Kit Contents and Price List for more details. This kit contains all of the components offered by Universal Hovercraft for this craft.

What is included in the kit?
All of the major materials needed to build the craft are included. Engine, propeller, propeller mounting hub, foam, fiberglass, epoxy and skirt material are all included. See 13P Kit Contents and Price List for a complete list.

What is not included in the kit?
Builders will need to provide paint, upholstery, wire, 1 x 4 wood and hardware. All of the mentioned materials are typically available in your area. The total cost for wire, wood and hardware is approximately $50.00. Paint and upholstery are variable and will depend on the grade of materials chosen.

Note: The HH-66 vinyl skirt glue included with the hardware kit cannot be shipped outside of the United States as it is considered a "Hazardous Material". This item will be removed from all international orders and credited toward shipping.


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