Wiring Harnes


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This universal harness is built for use in all single engine automotive powered hovercraft. All wires are clearly labeled for easy installation. The harness's enclosed fuse panel is designed to be mounted in the front of the craft. A 60 inch lead connects to all of the pre-wired gauges, switches, front navigation light and ignition switch. A 200 inch lead connects to the engine, engine sensors, rear navigation light, fuel pump and horn.  4 extra fused circuits are available for wiring additional lights and accessories.

Harness features: 
Appropriate fuses and relays are used to protect the system against fatigue and overload. 12 gage wires are used for gauges and accessories. 8 gauge wires are used to power the fuse box. 4 gauge wires are included for connecting the engine to battery power.

Accessories position on the key switch allows use of rear navigation light, horn, 12 volt outlet and an un-used circuit.


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