UH-12R Racer

Universal Hovercraft 12R
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High Powered Racing / Cruising Hovercraft

Our 12R is the only racing hovercraft plan set we offer. This design has been a proven winner in the USA circuit winning the formula one and formula two national championships countless times. This design is also competitive in England and in the European championships.

It's powered by a two stroke thrust engine and four stroke lift engine. Typically we power the thrust system with a 50 to 150 hp two stroke snowmobile or aircraft engine. Lift engine is 8 to 15 hp Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh.

With a 10 hp lift engine and 85 hp thrust engine the craft has a 1:1 thrust to weight ratio. This provides rocket fast acceleration, low power cruising and excellent results at the race track. A 503 Rotax thrust engine will power the craft to 65 mph on the water with excellent acceleration.

The craft is built from wood ribs and stringers with a plywood skin. This is a lightweight structure with plenty of interior cockpit space. It will handle 2 to 3 large adults although the craft is generally configured to comfortable seat two passengers.

Good thrust engines: Rotax, Yamaha, Polaris, HKS, Hirth, Weber or any other light weight high output engine.

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Capacity 1 to 2 Passengers
Payload 500 Lbs
Speed 60 to 70 mph
Hover Height 8 inches
Length 12 ft 9 in
Width 6 ft
Empty Weight 375 to 450 Lbs
Flotation 1400 Lbs
Climb Gradient 60 to 70%
Engines 8 to 15 hp lift (under 80 Lbs), 2 cycle thrust (20 to 90 hp)
Construction Method Wood Rib and Plywood Skin
Construction Time 200 hours
Thrust duct diameter

48 inches

Lift duct diameter 30 inches

UH-12R Racer Kits & Components

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UH-12R Plans 6012T4P

UH-12R Plans



UH-12R Wooden Rib Set 12RRIB

UH-12R Wooden Rib Set



UH-12R Rib Set and Plywood 12RRIBWOOD

UH-12R Rib Set and Plywood



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