Universal Hovercraft UH-26S

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The UH-26S is the largest homebuilt hovercraft for which plans are available. It is powered by a single V8 automotive type engine. Standard components are used throughout construction. Kit not available.

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Capacity 12 to 16 Persons
Payload 2500 Lbs
Speed 55 to 65 mph
Hover Height 14 inches
Length 26 ft
Width 12 ft
Empty Weight 2500 Lbs
Flotation 4000 Lbs
Climb Gradient 25 to 30%
Engines V8 automotive engine, 283-400 cu. in. displacement
Construction Method Wood Ribs and Stringers with Plywood Skin
Construction Time 400 to 1000 hours

UH-26S Kits & Components

Product Image Model Item Name+ Price
UH-26S Plans 6026SP

UH-26S Plans



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