From the desk of William Zang

From the desk of William Zang

Dear Friends,

On Monday, March 1st, various news organizations around the world and in the United States began airing a news report about a Mr. Rudy Heeman of Nelson, New Zealand, and his "invention" the Flying Hovercraft.

As many of you know, and for those who don't, the "Flying Hovercraft" was designed, engineered and built by Mr. Bob Windt from the State of Illinois. The very first prototype flew over the Mississippi River in Cordova, Illinois in 1996. From that time till the official launch in 1999, thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears were poured into making sure the Hoverwing™ was safe and mechanically sound prior to its release to the public.

Upon the initial release in 1999, a kit version was made available to the commercial market along with the plans to assemble the craft, should a hobbyist like to build his or her own. Mr. Heeman states he got his idea in 1999. We find his claims of authorship to be spurious and dishonest.

We will be notifying any and all News organizations of the falsehood of this outrageous claim by Mr. Heeman.

In the interim, we would like to thank each person who notified us of this man's claims and have stood by Universal hovercraft with their continued support.

William Zang
Universal Hovercraft

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