Flying Hovercraft Man Stealing Credit

Flying Hovercraft Man Stealing Credit

Earlier today and last evening news networks around the world aired a story based on incorrect facts regarding a "Flying Hovercraft" supposedly designed by Rudy Heeman of Nelson New Zealand. The fact is that ground effect hovercrafts were invented by an American engineer named Bob Windt of Illinois. He and the company Universal Hovercraft have been designing flying hovercrafts for 14 years. The first Universal Hovercraft prototype took flight in 1996 on the Mississippi River near Cordova Illinois.

Mr. Heeman is very successful in media relations and marketing but is not the inventor of the vehicle or of the concept. Proof of these claims can be found at or on YouTube in a search for "Hoverwing". You will find video dating back more than six years. Universal Hovercraft also offers a plan set for a civilian version of the Hoverwing that can be
" home-made. These plans were developed by Universal Hovercraft from 1997 to 1998 and released in 1999. This is most likely where Mr. Heeman acquired the concept.

As with any successful concept; thousands of hours of development, blood, sweat and tears were poured into the development. It is painful to see incorrect information broadcast about a builder from New Zealand who is taking credit for something he clearly did not invent.

We appreciate the support all of our customers, friends and family have given in trying to correct the false statements being told by Mr. Heeman. Many of our loyal customers have contacted their news organizations to correct the story. We do encourage all that are interested to contact news organizations in an effort to set the record straight.

You will find a template press release by clicking here here. (right click this link to download the pdf, or simply click the link to view. If you want to just link to the pdf simply copy and past this link where you feel it is necessary use this link or simply email us to request a copy of the press release

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